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Every person who wants to plan out his future sensibly has a dream of having a happy, satisfied and peaceful post-retirement life after the 9-to-5 schedule has come to a halt. However, you do not really know how you will go about ensuring that it actually happens, with all your current financial responsibilities and expenses. Here at Annuity Advantage, we will help you track your finances efficiently, hence facilitating sensible money management, and eventually, giving you the roadmap to a smart retirement plan.

However, you may have one question in your mind.

Why are we putting all this emphasis on retirement planning?

Because we know that taking a few smart financial decisions when you have a job and steady income, will ensure your stability long after they are gone. Still not convinced? Here’s why you should plan your retirement.

  1. Living standards

Why not make your post-retirement life beautiful, by using all your free time to do what you have always dreamt of, now that all your responsibilities have been already taken care of? However, only when you have enough savings, will you be able to keep your ifs-and-buts at bay. That is why we always recommend efficient retirement planning at present that will ensure a peaceful life later; at a time when you certainly wouldn’t want to spend your leisure time worrying about finances.

  1. Life expectancy

Now that medical science has advanced highly, average American lives for about 78 years. For comfortably surviving the years beyond the end of the 9-to-5 stable income phase, everyone needs adequate savings, and this is where a retirement plan comes into the picture.

  1. Sources of income

You may say that the Medicare premiums may lower down and you will also receive social security cheques every month. An average retired person gets $1,295 through social security, monthly. However, even after budgeting, that amount will not allow the standard of living and stability that you have with your regular, stable income. Hence, planning your retirement efficiently with multiple income sources helps you ensure that you do not have to cut down on anything when it is time for you to enjoy your life.

  1. Long-term health care

Almost all Americans require long-term care post seventy years of age. Medicare is capable of taking care of this only partially, as there might be overheads depending on the nature of required care. Our uncertain future is not supposed to be taken for granted. Hence, some effective planning today keeps worries at bay.


How can we help you?

So, now you know why retirement planning is necessary, and why you should prepare one for yourself. However, what are the stepping stones to a smart retirement plan? This is where our role starts, in helping you figure out every aspect of it. Here’s the list of steps we’ll take:

  1. Making a budget that ensures a secure future

Your hard earned money has the capability to make-or-break your future plans. What helps you in using your income in the most effective manner is efficient budgeting and judicious spending; we are here to help you with that.

  1. How to save money

Proper budgeting comes with smartly saving for your future. Here, we help you ensure adequate savings without having to cut down on the important things in life. Because they say – money saved is money earned.

  1. Knowing where to invest and how

Saved money makes sense only when you can increment it. However, with so many options like stocks, bonds, business ownership, real estate, and mutual funds – you are likely to get confused. We are here to help you make a wise decision, which results in minimum risks and maximum gains for you.

  1. Protecting your wealth

How do you ensure that your wealth is protected while you make it grow over an extended period? Asset allocation is your answer, which helps you understand how to distribute all your investments in the best way. Moreover, we are here to help you with every aspect of it.


How do you make the best use of what we offer to you?

This can be done only by understanding how you can make use of what you find here, in your life, because you are the one who understands what suits you the best. Moreover, we are here to help you make it a personalized experience; here’s how:

  1. Go through our articles

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  1. Clear all your doubts

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  1. Share what you learn

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  1. Contribute your bit

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Hence, join your hands with us, and we will do everything to make your post-retirement life better than your dreams.

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